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CANMAP is a web-based system designed specifically for the management and administration of cancer care coordination services and multidisciplinary team meetings.

From its inception in 2005 for the Albury-Wodonga Border Cancer Collaboration, CANMAP has been further developed with the assistance of Barwon South Western Regional Integrated Cancer Services (BSWRICS) and Gippsland Regional Integrated Cancer Services (GRICS) to provide a fully integrated and comprehensive management and administration portal for regional cancer services.

CANMAP is a stand-alone system delivered over a web interface. It is fully customisable to meet the needs of service providers and can be integrated with existing hospital or patient management systems. CANMAP enables secure and confidential communication between service providers, patients and carers, and access to information 24/7 from any location.

CANMAP is designed with modules that can be fully integrated and supports the following functions:

Cancer Care Coordination (CCC)

  • Record patient and carer contact, referrals, clinical and treatment information
  • Record details and outcomes of patient discussions at multidisciplinary meetings
  • Link with patient record from hospital or other patient management systems

Multidisciplinary Team Meeting administration

Takes care of all your meeting administration requirements including:

  • Clinician nomination of patient(s) for discussion
  • Auto-generation and email/faxing of meeting agenda and participant invites (including attachments)
  • Auto-generation and email/faxing of customised invites to GPs (including attachments - ie program information)
  • Record meeting administration and patient information
  • Real-time recording of meeting discussions including outcomes/recommendations during the meeting
  • Generate and send outcomes of meeting discussion to the patientís GP or other members of the multidisciplinary team

Cancer Services Directory

All members of the site are managed through the cancer services directory module. The site administrator can add, edit and maintain member details or search by any field in the directory (eg. name, organisation, address, workspace, campaign). The administrator can then:

  • add a new member
  • edit member details (including contact details, directory profile, preferred communication method, username/password, status, or assign a member to campaigns or workspaces)
  • download search results (select fields, download csv file)
  • quick email with file attachments to members displayed in search results
  • campaign (add search result members to an existing campaign or create new campaign)



  • The administrator can create customised e-letters using full html formatting with attachments, and send emails or e-fax to one or more members of a campaign. There is a full history of each e-letter sent including list of recipients, receipt of email and notification if links are accessed.


  • Campaigns are groups of registered users who the administrator wishes to send bulk emails to as a group. The administrator is able to create and maintain the list of campaigns that a registered user is allocated to. .


Workspaces are easy to use, secure and confidential online forums where members of a group can communicate, share resources, news, events, coordinate projects or meetings and assign tasks.

Workspaces provide valuable opportunities for networking, mentoring, professional development, and debriefing. They can be used by Cancer Care Coordinators, cancer service managers, directors and management committees or even patients and carers.

Management, Administration & Reporting

CANMAP was developed with a focus on creating functionality to support administrative functions that could be undertaken by health service employees and therefore minimise the dependency on external technology providers. Administrative functions include:

  • Add, edit, or maintain members of the service directory
  • Create and maintain workspaces
  • Create and maintain MDTMs
  • Maintain lists
  • Maintain and manage site administrators
  • Full access to site data to create and customise reports for export in CSV format. Reports may include:
    • Cancer care coordinator activity data
    • Patient demographics
    • Multidisciplinary meeting data
    • Workspace membership and activity data
  • A record is kept of all transactions on the systems and stored in an audit log database.

Demonstration site

For further information or to access a demonstration of the CANMAP system, please email CANMAP@intuitus.com.au


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