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...provides fruitful suggestions, listens to requirements and exceeds expectations...
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Members of the Biteit Group have extensive experience across a range of different types of projects.


"The Biteit Group have been invaluable in their contribution towards the development and maintenance of our web site. As the principal form of interaction with our clients, our web site needs to be accessible 100% of the time and also requires frequent updates. We used Biteit in the capacity of Web Developer and WebMaster and are extremely happy with the quality of the service and their response times to our questions and requests." - Peter Outridge (noOffice)

"...has been involved with Wandin Valley Estate since 1998. He was instrumental in setting up our website and helping us launch our sales and marketing campaign through the internet. He has been unstinting in his ongoing support and we now regard him as a friend and advisor for any problems we may have." - Philippa Davern (Wandin Valley Estate)

"Having a good programmer is an important part of our business. One that provides fruitful suggestions, listens to requirements and exceeds expectations in completing the task. Nick at biteit has performed all three for AllStock over the last 3 years." - Jane Rindfleish (Allstock Technology)

"The Biteit Group has been a key partner in realizing innovative web-based data gathering and reporting systems which were the backbone of our business for a period of two years.... The Biteit Group worked under our tight deadlines on the various projects for Sydney 2002, delivering quality solutions, on time, within scope and under budget. A pleasure to work with." - Stuart Borrie (Sydney 2002)


Biteit has provided consultancy services or created solutions for the following organisations:

Case Studies

Members of Biteit have had extensive experience in designing and developing software solutions. The following details some of the more interesting projects:

Project Information System (1999)

The client was a consultancy organisation with its head office located in Sydney and consultants located throughout the country. The company was in a rapid growth phase and needed to improve its collection and management of financial information on their consultants and projects.

The solution consisted of MS Excel templates where consultants entered their weekly time and expense details and a MS Access database for collation and reporting of the information.

Each week the consultants would email their timesheet to the accounts department which would import the data into the database. Although the MS Excel files incorporated basic error checking, the MS Access database checked to make sure that there were no real errors before importing the data. The systems complexity related to the need to enable consultants to have multiple roles in a project at different rates and also to support the change of rates over time, while retaining a full information history. It provided reports for invoicing and the payment of consultants working as contractors, as well as date range reports for individual consultants and projects. The system also became the main project information store incorporating invoicing details and project metadata.

Ultimately the need for consultants not located in Sydney to access financial information on their projects resulted in the Internet based reporting system being requested and developed. The Internet based system allowed consultants to see all the financial information on any of their projects.

LawSearch (1999)

The Department of Finance and Administration (DOFA), was responsible for managing the Commonwealth Government Bookshops and providing them with information on Commonwealth Legislation. DOFA had a number of mainframe and word processor based systems for managing this information.

The solution required detailed analysis of the current systems and determination of all the possible relationships between legislative items. This proved a challenging task as there were a number of cases where legislative items did not follow accepted rules. The solution also had to reengineer the process of maintaining the legislation and import the existing data from various systems.

After 3 months of using the system DOFA saw the opportunity to make this information available to the public. The solution was based on the database being uploaded to the web on a nightly basis and a simple search and report interface being provided. Website accessibility and page loading speed were the major priorities for this site. This system is currently available at: www.lawsearch.gov.au

Online Registration System (2001)

The client was an international multiple sport and cultural activity event held in Sydney, Australia in late 2002. They were expecting over 15,000 competitors participating in 49 sports/activities and 594 events.

The task was to develop an online registration system to enable participants to:

  • indicate if they were a participant / media / spectator / volunteer
  • provide bibliographic information
  • select sports/events, limited to those available for their gender and age
  • indicate partners for doubles events and create teams, or join teams, for team events
  • provide additional information for sports and events (eg. expected time, club membership)
  • calculate their registration fee (based on number of sports and events for some sports) in $US and $AU (depending on country)
  • pay their registration fee online using credit card in AU$ or US$ (supporting 1,3 or 6 installments)
  • receive confirmation of their registration by email
  • provide/change their password (stored encrypted)
  • log back in after starting their registration to complete it or make changes
  • have new login details emailed to their registered email address if they lost them

The site administrators were given online functionality to:

  • maintain lists of sports and events, including details of sport/event specific requirements and information
  • maintain textual information that was displayed in the online registration
  • obtain reports of registration status (ie. incomplete, complete, complete and paid)
  • obtain reports at sport and event level, including participant list and team details
  • obtain financial reports of amounts paid / due
  • search for and view individual registration details, including payments
  • edit individual registration details and tag registrations as deleted
  • enable sports coordinators access to a limited set of admin functionality to assist them to manage their events

The client originally had a target of 80% of registrations to be electronic. Over 99% of registrations were received online.

Other Projects

Other interesting projects have included:

  • development of an internet based community directory and portal template. (www.wbiz.com.au, www.mykingston.biz, www.manninghambusiness.com.au, www.bizmaroondah.com.au, www.theleadershipconsortium.com, www.vicfit.com.au)
  • development of a website for a business management outsourcing company that allows online transactions and client information management. (www.nooffice.com.au)
  • development of a document management system to manage the document flows associated with the construction of the Melbourne City (Western) Link
  • development of an environment management information system. The system supported the collection of data across the clients 100+ sites using both MS Word and MS Excel templates. The collected data was consolidated to enable the production of customised reports and charts
  • design and development of a system for the Department of Finance and Administration (AusInfo) to track copyright requests and permissions for Commonwealth Government publications
  • design and development of an intranet based system for organisations to track their Electronic Services Delivery opportunities and activities
  • design and development of a system for the NSW and WA Departments of Agriculture to consolidate data and undertake the calculations and reporting for their sheep (wether) trials
  • design and development of a system for an agricultural organisation to assist them to manage all aspects of their reproduction operations including semen collection, inventory management and creation of embryo transfer schedules
  • development of a system for a major transport company that captured detailed information on freight movements. This system was used for invoicing clients, paying subcontractors and reporting key performance indicators
  • design and development of a web presence for a Hunter Valley winery (www.wandinvalley.com.au)
  • prototype development of a generic technical infrastructure for community owned and operated internet portals
  • development of an integration toolkit and provide integration services for clients of an Australian multi-currency payment gateway


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