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The Biteit Group has developed the following products which can be customised for individual clients.


CANMAP is a web-based system designed specifically for the management and administration of cancer care coordination services and multidisciplinary team meetings. Please click here for more details.

Biteit Shop

Biteit Shop is a fully customiable shopping site solution. Please click here for more details.

Online Sporting Competition Registration System

Please click here for more details and links to an online demo

Tender Evaluation Tool

The usual process for tender evaluation is to have a list of criteria and read through a tender response giving a rating for each criteria. This tool is unique in that it enables the user to compare easily all the tender response elements relevant to a particular criteria. This not only increase the quality of assessment, but also make it easier to share and review assessment.

The processes for assessing a tender are as follows:

  • enter tender criteria and weightings
  • receive tender responses (ideally in electronic format)
  • go through each response received and enter (ie copy and paste) the relevant sections into the box for each criteria
  • once all the responses are entered view/print the assessment report
  • go through the assessment report by criteria giving a rating and comment for each response
  • transfer these ratings and comments to the solution
  • view or print the summary report by tender response or criteria which provides details of the WINNER
  • it is also possible to produce assessment reports for individual responses (eg for feedback)

Functional Elements

As part of previous development projects, The Biteit Group has created functionality that can be efficiently used as the basis for other solutions. The following is a list of some elements of functionality

  • online document/resource management
  • website content management
  • online surveys
  • online discussion forums
  • online member directories
  • online orders and payments including payment gateway integration
  • shopping carts
  • multiple dimension website security including access areas and access levels
  • desktop data collection, consolidation and reporting tools
  • customised bulk (html and text) emails with attachements
  • dynamic creation and emailing of rft documents based on a template

If you are interested in any of the above products or would like to talk about any of the above functional elements please contact us.


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