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Online Registration and Client Management

This solution was originally used by the World Gay Games VI held in Sydney in November 2002. The solution has since been enhanced from knowledge gained during the games and by the addition of a communication module that enables administrators to communicate easily with registrants.

Why online registration?

  • manual data entry is minimised
  • efficient processing of payments and eliminate credit card payment follow ups
  • real-time registration information enabling improved event coordination and improved target marketing
  • real-time data validation ensuring more complete and accurate registration data
  • reduced work at accreditation time

General Features

  • customisable interface through stylesheets and include files
  • flexible architecture enabling easy integration with other business applications
  • conforms to usability and accessibility standards
  • real-time secure credit card approval and processing (integration to your payment gateway)
  • secure password storage and more secure 7 digit registration numbers
  • capture information of participants, officials, media and volunteers
  • different age calculation dates for different sports
  • fully customisable fee calculation
  • fully web-based solution
  • easy download of registration data for custom reporting

Registration Features

  • registrants can maintain their own details online
  • user friendly multiple sport registration
  • personalised (by gender and age) sport and event options
  • collection of partner names for doubles/team events and tracking of team members for teams
  • collection of additional sport and event information (eg. estimated times, weight, licence number)
  • verification of data and friendly error messages
  • confirmation screens
  • confirmation and audit emails
  • password recovery functionality

Administration Features

  • role based admin access levels, including sport specific access
  • display or edit individual's registration details
  • delete registrations
  • record non-credit card payments
  • addition/maintenance of sports/events through webforms
  • closing sports/events to new individuals or teams
  • maintenance of additional registration information

Communication Module

  • search for registrants based on gender, age, country, city, sport, event or name
  • send individually customised emails
  • export contact details to Microsoft Excel (coming soon)

Registration System - Sydney2002 Experience

  • 12,000 paid online registrations
  • 6,000 paid online registrations in a 2 week period
  • website 4 million hits per month (peak)
  • website uptime > 99.95%
  • offline access and use of registration data
  • integration to a realtime AU$ / US$ payment gateway

Accreditation System

  • fully integrated with registration system database
  • uses low cost hardware (webcam and bubble jet pinter)
  • delete registrations
  • record non-credit card payments
  • real-time addition/maintenance of sports/events through webforms
  • closing sports/events to new individuals or teams
  • real-time maintenance of additional registration information

Accreditation System - Sydney2002 Experience

  • 3,600 accreditations in one day
  • system uptime 100%


"The Biteit Group has been a key partner in realizing innovative web-based data gathering and reporting systems which were the backbone of our business for a period of two years.

The Biteit Group played a key role in achieving core business objectives for Sydney 2002, at a critical time in the life cycle of our event management company. The Biteit Group developed, implemented and supported an online registration system which captured a wide range data from the more than 20,000 participants, volunteers, officials and staff and those expressing interest in Gay Games VI, held in Sydney in November 2002. These systems were later integrated with a Games-time accreditation system developed by the Biteit Group.

A strong client focus and customized service ensured robust databases and innovative web-based solutions which met our core need of gathering data from participants and potential clients and making this available in accessible report formats to a wide range of internal stakeholders. At the time, this was a world first for large international multi sport events with Sydney 2002 Gay Games Ltd achieving 97% on-line registrations and the seamless automatic processing of multiple currencies though a payment gateway.

Through flexible web-based interfaces, reports were available to staff on-site and the many volunteer sports Competition Managers off site. This solution was also interactive for registrants through a web-based interface with clients using unique registration numbers/IDs and passwords to access personal data and make changes. This realized significant savings in administrative and database maintenance costs as registrants continually updated data right up to registration deadlines, two months before the Games.

The Biteit Group worked under our tight deadlines on the various projects for Gay Games VI, delivering quality solutions, on time, within scope and under budget.

A pleasure to work with." - Stuart Borrie (Sports Director, Sydney 2002)



(* indicates estimates of fees paid to other providers)

  • US$3,000 - online registration system, customised to your design, loaded onto your webserver and integrated to your choice of payment gateway
  • US$50/hr customisation and general ongoing IT advice and support after installation
  • *US$20-US$200 per month hosting (your choice of host)
  • *US$0.05-US$0.50 per credit card transaction plus merchant fee eg 2.5% (your choice of payment gateway)

Biteit is also willing to negotiate a rate to provide the solution for self integration.


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