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The Biteit Group (Biteit) aims to improve client's business through bottom-line focused ecommerce, business consulting and solution development.

Solution Development

Biteit has extensive experience in building mission critical databases and database driven websites. Biteit's speciality is developing customised solutions to solve complex business problems. Biteit members combine strong business backgrounds with technical knowledge and skills to assist our clients to improve their business. Hence our focus is on performance, functionality and useability - and importantly, cost effectiveness.

Biteit develops its solutions using industry standard applications and packages. Biteit's solutions are built from the ground up to provide flexibility to ensure that all of the customers requirements are satisfied and there are no limitations imposed by trying to use or modify existing toolsets.

In developing solutions, Biteit aims to:

  • develop innovative and robust solutions for its clients
  • develop fast, functional solutions that are easily maintained
  • create solutions that minimise the dependency on technology providers
  • create solutions that can grow while minimising the cost of development and operation
  • ensure solutions support existing business processes or improve them
  • maximise useability and accessibility of user interfaces
  • use industry standards and best practice methodologies.

Biteit offers three approaches for clients:

Set Price Job

The Set Price Job is the standard approach to software development where the requirements can be accurately defined. This provides the client with a known fee for an agreed solution.

Hourly Fee

Biteit provides the client with an initial estimate based on the requirements known at the time, but the client pays Biteit hourly rates for work undertaken. This is a less adversarial approach that encourages all parties to work together to create the best solution.

Biteit is also happy to discuss other pricing structures which can offer benefits of both set price and hourly fee structures.

Shared Benefits

Biteit is willing to undertake development based on a shared benefit basis. Some possible structures include:

  • fee per transaction
  • percentage of sales/margin
  • share of business benefit

eCommerce Consulting

Members of Biteit have had extensive ecommerce consulting experience, both as internal and external consultants for various organisations. Consultancy services undertaken have ranged from projects to identify opportunities for business improvement using ecommerce and technology, designing and developing specific business and software solutions, to detailed analysis of specific technical areas. Some areas of expertise include:

  • website useability and accessibility
  • website marketing
  • community / portal development
  • information security, including encryption and public key cryptography
  • electronic services delivery
  • information management and metadata
  • system life cycle development
  • quality system management
  • safety reporting and analysis
  • risk assessment and management
  • tender development and assessment
  • online surveys

Members of Biteit also have a good understanding of the following industry sectors:

  • transport, warehousing and logistics
  • manufacturing
  • agriculture
  • livestock supply chain
  • finance
  • online education
  • public health

Biteit offers a free introductory consultancy service to organisations. This service enables organisations to determine if there are any opportunities to improve their business by utilising technology. If both parties then feel that Biteit can add enough value to justify a fee we are happy to negotiate a suitable fee.

Business Consulting

Members of Biteit have had significant business consulting experience. Projects undertaken have ranged from identify cost saving opportunities through employee idea capture and analysis, cost benchmarking, to office and employee location rationalisation.

Biteit's approach to this service is to share the risks and benefits by setting its fees as a portion of identified and achieved benefits. As a result there are no upfront costs and our clients only pay if their are improvements to their bottom-line. It is important to note that Biteit's services are unique in that they are not only cost focused, but also endevour to increase revenue. Biteit's fees are not only linked to 'identifying' benefits, but also 'realising' benefits. This means that we stay with our clients until the improvements to their business are achieved.

The aim of these services are to:

  • improve client's business information collection and use
  • identify opportunities for clients to reduce costs or increase revenue
  • achieve the maximum benefit for our clients from the opportunities identified

Biteit is actively looking for organisations who have the following characteristics:

  • an honest desire to improve your business' bottom-line
  • an annual turnover in excess of AU$2 million
  • ideally in a low margin or high transaction volume industry
  • located in Victoria or Southern NSW (Australia)


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